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  • Canoe Seat Hardware
    $10.04 Canoe Seat Hardware
    This hardware package outfits one canoe seat and may be used with all seat spacer designs. This stainless steel kit includes: 4 pcs. 10/24 x 6" Phillips Head Machine Screw 4 pcs. #10 Cup Washer 4 pcs. #10 Flat...
  • Canoe Seat Hardware & Spacers
    $17.82 Canoe Seat Hardware & Spacers
    These white ash spacers measure 3/4” x 7/8” x 4” with linseed oil finish. They may be modified (cut and sanded) as needed for a good fit. Stainless steel hardware includes 10/24 x 6” bolts, cup...
  • Carlisle Oar Locks
    $35.02 Carlisle Oar Locks
    Carlisle Oar Locks are trouble-free and fasten to an oar with only one bolt. The locks come with a shim for usage with a paddle to ensure a proper fit.