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Canoe Yokes & Thwarts

  • Standard Yoke
    $18.90 Choose Options Standard Yoke
    Yokes provide strength and rigidity at the canoe's mid-point. They also make it easier to portage. This yoke measures 13/16" (thickness) x 2-3/4" (ends). Available in Clear (default), Unfinished, Walnut (Oiled not shown): ...
  • Thwarts
    $13.91 Choose Options Thwarts
    Thwarts provide rigidity and strength to the hull and serve as a bar on which to strap gear. Each is 13/16" thick x 2-1/2" wide at its end and may be cut to specific measurements. Available in Clear (default), Unfinished,...
  • Universal Slotted Yoke
    $70.09 Choose Options Universal Slotted Yoke
    Universal yokes are slotted and include clamps to mount on the canoe gunnel. This enables the yoke to be removed when not in use. It is padded, making it more comfortable on the neck and shoulders. Its width is 2-3/8"...
  • Wide Padded Yoke
    $30.90 Wide Padded Yoke
    Especially useful for carrying your canoe comfortably.
  • Wide Yoke
    $21.11 Choose Options Wide Yoke
    Yokes provide strength and rigidity at the canoe's mid-point. Wide yokes allow for a more comfortable portage, since the additional width distributes weight more evenly on the neck and shoulders. Choosing the 42” Wide...
  • $36.72 Yoke Clamps
    Useful for mounting yokes and other canoe components. Required for mounting the Universal Slotted Yoke shown on this site.
  • Yoke Pads
    $9.17 Yoke Pads
    This pad works with the wide yoke, giving added comfort while portaging a canoe.