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Canoe Seats

  • Ash Canoe Seat
    $36.72 Choose Options Ash Canoe Seat
    Our ash canoe seats are 10” wide x 34" or 40" long. The 34” seat has a 10" x 13" seating area, the 40” seat has a 10” x 18” seating area, and the rail centers are 8-1/2". They are assembled with...
  • Caned Yoke Seat
    $57.32 Choose Options Caned Yoke Seat
    Our caned yoke seat’s unique design allows for its use as a center seat as well as a carrying yoke. This seat is also a perfect addition for a third person seating option. The seat measures 10" wide x 40" long and the...
  • Contoured Bow & Stern Canoe Seat
    $46.71 Choose Options Contoured Bow & Stern Canoe Seat
    Comfortable and attractive contoured canoe seat. Lowers center of gravity for more stability. Bow seat area is 20", stern seat area is 14", and the rails are 34". Choosing the Walnut Finish for the Cane Contoured Bow &...
  • Folding Canoe Seat
    $93.42 Choose Options Folding Canoe Seat
    This portable canoe seat allows a passenger to ride comfortably while maintaining a balanced, low and dry position.  This seat may also be used in the comfort of home as a unique and eye-catching seat. Available in a...
  • Heavy Duty Canoe Seat
    $40.79 Choose Options Heavy Duty Canoe Seat
    This heavy-duty canoe seat is built with solid 1-3/4" railstock, 11" wide by 44" long, for extra strength and durability. Its seating area is 11” x 18-1/2”. The rails are 7/8" x 1-3/4" x 44", and the rail centers...