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Canoe Backrests

  • Ash Canoe Backrest
    $54.54 Choose Options Ash Canoe Backrest
    This backrest may be attached to most wooden seats and may be stored under the seat when not in use. It provides comfort for long cruises or leisurely paddling and fishing. Installation requires some drilling: four 1/4"...
  • Folding Canoe Seat
    $93.42 Choose Options Folding Canoe Seat
    This portable canoe seat allows a passenger to ride comfortably while maintaining a balanced, low and dry position.  This seat may also be used in the comfort of home as a unique and eye-catching seat. Available in a...
  • Slide-On Backrest
    $72.31 Choose Options Slide-On Backrest
    This removable, sturdy ash backrest is positioned at a 15-degree angle. It converts a standard canoe seat to a comfortable "chair," allowing the paddler to lean back and still be in a position to paddle without interference...