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Canoe Accessories

  • Adjustable Rowing Rig
    $81.22 Adjustable Rowing Rig
    Portable, mounts easily to canoe yoke and gunwales. Can be used with paddles or oars. Ideal for the leisure paddler and fisherman. Testimonial "In the summer of 2012, I canoed, hiked and biked more than 500 miles on a...
  • Aluminum Clamps
    $35.65 Aluminum Clamps
    Can be used for universal yokes, motor mounts, and rowing rigs.
  • Anchor Outrigger
    $64.53 Anchor Outrigger
    Clamps to the underside of the deck and to the gunnel, providing stability when lowering and raising the anchor (rope & anchor not included(. Adjustable to most canoes.
  • Ash Motor Mount
    $64.27 Ash Motor Mount
    Reinforced ash motor mount, clamps to gunwales with easy to use phenolic knobs and stainless hardware. Made exclusively for electric trolling motors.
  • Bow & Stern Canoe Handles
    $6.13 Choose Options Bow & Stern Canoe Handles
    Canoe bow and stern handles offered in a 12" yoke style, providing a comfortable way to portage a canoe. They can be cut to fit most canoes.
  • Canoe Display Holder
    $111.24 Choose Options Canoe Display Holder
    Designed to display, clean, repair and store a canoe. The sling is made from #10 duck canvas providing a soft cradle for the canoe. It has a linseed oil finish and folds for compact storage. 
  • Canoe Seat Hardware
    $10.04 Canoe Seat Hardware
    This hardware package outfits one canoe seat and may be used with all seat spacer designs. This stainless steel kit includes: 4 pcs. 10/24 x 6" Phillips Head Machine Screw 4 pcs. #10 Cup Washer 4 pcs. #10 Flat...
  • Canoe Seat Hardware & Spacers
    $17.82 Canoe Seat Hardware & Spacers
    These white ash spacers measure 3/4” x 7/8” x 4” with linseed oil finish. They may be modified (cut and sanded) as needed for a good fit. Stainless steel hardware includes 10/24 x 6” bolts, cup...
  • D2C 2.5" spacer
    $17.51 Choose Options Canoe Seat Spacers
    These seat spacers are designed for a standard 10-inch canoe seat. The D2C spacer is 2-1/2" at one end, 2-3/4" at the other end. The D3C spacer is 3-1/2" at one end, 3-3/4" at the other end. They have an 8-1/2" on-center...
  • Canvas & Ash Folding Camp Stool
    $46.71 Choose Options Canvas & Ash Folding Camp Stool
    Sturdy portable stool. Great for camping and fishing. Canvas seat removes easily for cleaning. Available in Green, Navy, Red:      ...
  • Carlisle Oar Locks
    $35.02 Carlisle Oar Locks
    Carlisle Oar Locks are trouble-free and fasten to an oar with only one bolt. The locks come with a shim for usage with a paddle to ensure a proper fit.
  • Contoured Truss Spacers
    $20.29 Contoured Truss Spacers
    Truss spacers provide greater support than traditional 4-piece dowel spacers and to lower a canoe seat's center of gravity. This truss spacer is 4” high and 12-3/4" inches wide, with 9-1/8” on-center hole spacing...
  • Foam Block Carrier Kit
    $31.72 Foam Block Carrier Kit
    Quick and compact high-quality foam clamps to canoe gunwales. This kit contains four blocks (grey), a nylon strap with a locking buckle, two lengths of nylon braided rope (1/4” x 14') and four S-hooks to provide a...
  • Foam Blocks
    $3.91 Foam Blocks
    Foam blocks from the kit may be purchased separately, and are priced per piece.
  • Folding Canoe Seat
    $93.42 Choose Options Folding Canoe Seat
    This portable canoe seat allows a passenger to ride comfortably while maintaining a balanced, low and dry position.  This seat may also be used in the comfort of home as a unique and eye-catching seat. Available in a...
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Motor Mount
    $88.99 Heavy Duty Aluminum Motor Mount
    Heavy duty mount with maple clamping block for gas or electric motor. Not recommended for motors over 4 HP.