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to Essex Industries

Manufacturer of Fine Canoe Accesories
Essex Industries is an integrated workplace where people with developmental disabilities work alongside others with no disabilities to make high quality canoe accessories, sold to many top canoe manufacturers and suppliers in the United States and internationally. A work center such as Essex Industries allows people to perform and be paid for work that is valued and contributes to their self-esteem and sense of personal accomplishment, even if they would not be able to meet the productivity standards to be employed in a purely competitive business.
Essex Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of quality ash and cane canoe seats and accessories. We have supplied our products to canoe manufacturers and retailers for over 40 years. Our customer base spans the U.S., Canada, and abroad.
In 2021 Essex Industries partnered with Adirondack Canoe Company and hired owner Chad Smith to begin manufacturing high-end, super lightweight canoes at our Mineville facility. Built with an environmentally friendly process known as vacuum infusion from high tech components like carbon fiber and Kevlar these canoes are as beautiful as they are functional. They are sure to be cherished and handed down from one generation to the next. Visit Adirondack Canoe Company for more information.
We are the vocational component of Mountain Lake Services. Our facility includes an extensively-equipped woodworking shop, cutting and sewing machinery, 15,000 square feet of production space in two plants, and additional storage space. Our highly trained staff and employees work with pride in our woodshop, finishing, assembly, and warehousing areas to fulfill orders in a timely fashion.
Essex Industries is a non-profit business developed by Mountain Lake Services to give the people we support real work opportunities and training. Our goal is to enhance people’s feelings of accomplishment and contribution through successful work experiences. We strive for a balanced approach that stresses individual experience as well as each person’s role in the community. By offering support and advocacy in all aspects of life, we provide opportunities for individuals to maximize personal achievement.

Our Products

Our products' construction is guaranteed through normal wear and tear. All our canoe seats, backrests, yokes, thwarts, and accessories incorporate these quality materials and processes:

  • Durable white ash lumber
  • Mortise and tenon joinery
  • Stainless steel (or galvanized steel, where applicable)
  • UV-resistant polyurethane clear varnish

Are you a Dealer or manufacturer?

If you are a dealer or manufacturer, please contact us for an in-depth discussion of your needs. Based upon such discussions, we can customize your order items, suggest and implement product modifications, and even create new products upon request.

We are a Non-Profit Business

Essex Industries is a non-profit business developed by Mountain Lake Services to give the people whom we serve real work opportunities and training. Our goal is to enhance people's feelings of accomplishment and contribution through successful work experiences.